CAD Service
Space Planning
Building Surveys

I carry out detailed building surveys to produce accurate CAD layout drawings of buildings for a variety of uses, mainly space planning, interior design, facilities management etc.

Up to date plans of a building and its contents are essential for many aspects of building and facilities management. Accurate and well-organised CAD plans will make managing your site much easier.

I can check the accuracy of any existing CAD plans or, if necessary, I can carry out full building surveys from scratch to produce new plans.

I have extensive experience of surveying many different types of buildings including large office complexes, listed buildings, educational establishments, laboratories and factories.

Once an up to date plan of your building has been created extra levels of information such as electrical, telecoms and HVAC information can then easily be added.

For space planning purposes, I can also carry out an audit of the furniture and equipment in your building and add these details to the existing plan.

Using an existing plan of your office layout makes it easy to produce alternative layout options using CAD software.

Up to date plans are also essential for meeting fire regulations. I can produce fire plans for your premises using standard fire symbols to show the locations of fire equipment, escape routes and fire exits.


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